Join Biotech Dental and become part of our Smiles for Vets Program that helps dentists provide critically needed dental care to US veterans who would otherwise go without treatment. Biotech Dental will provide Free Implants and Abutments for any procedure performed on a US Veteran.

You may be shocked to learn that many of our US veterans are living with pain and suffering from infections caused by the lack of proper dental care. This is the result of so many being unable to receive dental treatment from the Veterans Administration because they do not meet their strict inclusion criteria. Added to this troubling information is the fact that only 8% of all US veterans even get care from the VA. Worse yet, US veterans account for 12% of the homeless population in the US.  

Biotech Dental is giving back to veterans who have given so much by helping to provide critically needed dental care to those who have been denied treatment.  How can you help those who have sacrificed so much?

How it Works

Biotech Dental will provide US licensed dentists with up to four of our Kontact™ or Reflect® Implants, healing abutments, and straight abutments for any implant procedure you perform on a US Veteran* for FREE.

Kontact is ideal for dense bone implantation in the maxilla and mandible areas.

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Kontact S+ is ideal for soft bone surgical sites, providing immediate placement and loading after extraction due to its ability to offer superior primary stability.

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Reflect Implant Systems offer surgical and prosthetic compatibility with major implant brands but do so at a fraction of the cost while at the same time, offering uncompromised quality and performance.

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