the Kontact Implant System

The one implant family

that meets every clinical indication

Discover the Kontact All-In Digital Workflow:
A fully-digital process that virtually extracts the tooth before surgery—designed to work exclusively with Kontact Implants.

Kontact offers an entirely new level of implant and prosthetic versatility.

Optimize surgical results and increase patient satisfaction with one of the most flexible implant systems in the industry. Kontact implants offer the most prosthetics options, all with a single prosthetic connection.

There isn’t anything you can’t do with Kontact implants.

Kontact’s extensive range of implants and prosthetics offers you more treatment options for achieving the best outcomes. You’ll find Kontact ideal for immediate loading—even in low-density bone. And while Kontact Implants are new to the US, over 2.5 million have been placed worldwide.
Kontact Implants offer:
  • One surgical kit and one guided surgery kit for all Kontact implants
  • Extensive selection of prosthetics with a single connection
  • Wider thread at the atraumatic apex achieves superior initial stability in compromised extraction and standard sites
  • Suitable for both traditional and digital workflows
  • Platform switching
  • STSystem (Six-Three System) - Morse tapered conical connection with 6 implant and 3 abutments positions 

Kontact Features

Choose versatility and maximize aesthetic results

  • Implantation in the maxilla and mandible
  • Functional and aesthetic restoration
  • Titanium Alloy Grade 5
  • Sandblasted acid etched surface (S-L-A)
  • 6 x 3 STSystem

Kontact S+ Features

Efficiency and performance for an optimal result in low-density bone cases

  • Implantation in low density bone type D3 & D4
  • Amazing initial stability
  • Immediate implantation post extraction
  • Immediate loading
  • Highly hydrophilic surface
  • Pure Titanium Grade 4
  • Sandblasted acid etched surface (S-L-A)
  • 6 x 3 STSystem

Kontact Surgical Kits

One surgical kit and one guided surgery kit for all Kontact Implants
Kontact Surgical Kit

  • Compact in size while offering maximum storage
  • Color coding for quick referencing and selection
  • Clear markings provide better assessment of the drilling depth
  • Simple to open with easy access to instruments
  • Optimized helix angle that provides effortless drilling
  • Fully disassembles for thorough cleaning
  • Suitable for sterilization
Drills and reamers are protected by innovative
and patented PV coating that provides:

  • Reduced heating of the drill during cutting
  • Protection against oxidation
  • Increased cutting quality
  • Extended wear-life
ATLASURGERY™2 Guided Surgery Kit
The AtlaSurgery includes everything necessary to perform perfect implant placement using a surgical guide.

  • Ideal for all Kontact Implants
  • Compatible with the Nemotec guided surgery software
  • Self-drilling screw for the fastening of the template
  • Gingival cutters for templates with mucosal support
  • Drills, reamers, and specific stops
  • Axial guide for instrument insertion
  • Implant holder

Kontact Implants offer an extensive range of prosthetics with a single connection to meet every indication and personal preference.

Kontact Implant Packaging
Traceable label
Sealed blister pack
Implant holder
  • Outer cardboard packaging with a sterile double barrier
  • Traceable label containing size and lot information about the implant
  • Stable implant holder for easy access during surgery
  • Short cover screw delivered with the implant

  • High cover screw delivered free of charge on request
  • Titanium collar and drill stop on either side of the implant to avoid contact with the plastic
A Single Connection System for Both Kontact and Kontact S+
The Kontact S+ has a Morse taper locking system which is identical to the Kontact. This system stabilizes the abument-implant connection.
Platform Switching
All Kontact Implants allow for platform switching which uses prosthetic abutments with an emergence diameter that is smaller than the diameter of the implant neck.
Surface Treatment
Kontact Implants feature a sandblasted surface that promotes cell growth and adhesion.  It also improves the contact between the implant and the bone, and osseointegration is optimized compared to an untreated implant.