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Millions of patients purchase aligners every year, with many buying directly from aligner clubs without dentist oversight. Smilers® Aligners provide everything needed to win back patients and attract new ones,  at the same fee as the clubs. You can now offer better aligner therapy that gives you total control of the procedure, and provides better results.

Why Smilers are better aligners

  • More transparent and stain resistant than leading brands
  • Every case is planned by one of our Smilers orthodontists
  • Every aligner is “scallop” cut and hand polished for greater comfort and bacteria resistance
  • Three material gauges for customized movement
  • Accepts files from all intraoral scanners
  • Allows for root segmentation for a safer for predictable treatment

Conditions that can be treated with Smilers

Open Bite
Deep Bite
What is Malocclusion?

Malocclusion or “bad bites” is one of the most common dental problems and is when upper and lower teeth don’t align when you close your mouth. Malocclusion is usually treated with orthodontics or braces.

Smilers are made from PETG Plastic

  • BPA-Free Plastic
  • Uni-Layer plastic - This is what makes Smilers SO CLEAR  
  •  -0.1mm compared to Invisalign 0.36mm. By stacking smaller layers of plastic, Smilers aligners are CLEARER than the competition 
  • Due to strength of plastic, allows for greater expansion and less IPR is needed
  • Proprietary in-house disinfecting process
  • Aligners are scalloped cut along the gumline which allows for controlled and predictable forces of movement

The Difference 
is Clear

Marketing and Dealer Support

All the tools needed to educate patients on the advantages of Smilers aligners
Marketing materials to drive patients to your practice