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Biotech Dental has been a leading manufacturer of innovative and industry-changing implant solutions for over 35 years. With millions of implants placed worldwide, we provide exceptional implant outcomes with a single system that meets the needs of every implant procedure—at an attractive price point. We enable our dental partners to broaden their capabilities, increase business success, and improve patient satisfaction.

35 years leading the dental industry


the Kontact Implant System

More and more dentists across the US are discovering how Kontact Implants have helped clinicians in more than 80 countries achieve greater outcomes while creating a world of smiles.
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An exclusive, fully-digital process that virtually extracts the tooth before surgery.

Imagine a fully digital workflow that provides the digital segmentation and virtual extraction of the complete tooth during implant planning, and the design and manufacture of a restoration that replicates the exact emergence profile. Your patients will love the results.
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Biotech Dental has a rich heritage that reflects French style, innovation, a culture of sustainability, and giving back to communities we service. Most importantly, we embrace a mission of developing technologies and products that ensure greater oral health for our patients and success for our clinicians. Join us!