The Kontact360 Digital Workflow is the only system that virtually extracts the tooth and provides the replacement tooth the day of the surgery.

ALL-IN allows for the design and manufacture of a restoration that emulates the exact contours of the natural crown and root socket, optimizing soft tissue support and papillae preservation. During case planning, the patient’s oral condition is assessed to determine the best option:  A drill report, surgical guide, custom healing abutment or custom abutment, and temporary crown are all delivered together prior to the day of the procedure. 
You also have the option of completing an immediate load case if the extraction has already occurred.  No matter which option you choose, you’ll be assured of an accurately planned and ideally placed Kontact Implant with a beautiful esthetic emergence profile and well supported gingiva. Patients will love never having a missing tooth, less appointments, and faster case completion.

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