The All-In Concept

1 Stage Implant Placement and Immediate Temporization

Dr. Lon McRae, DMD, FIADI
Most implants placed today are done in a 3-stage delayed approach process from
extraction to final seating of the restoration. This can take 8-12 months from the start
of an extraction to finished restoration.

A concept called the All-In allows the practitioner to plan and have everything
available to extract a tooth, place an immediate implant and possibly seat a final
custom abutment and temporary crown in one appointment, called All-In 1-Stage.

If adequate primary stability is not achieved to allow immediate loading, the
All-In 2-Stage system provides a custom healing abutment to seal the extraction
socket and to preserve the papillae and gingival contours. The subgingival contours
of the healing abutment are duplicated for the design of the final custom abutment.

Preplanning with the ability to extract a tooth virtually provides the exact emergence
profile from the implant platform up to the restoration. The virtual extraction even
allows for the planning of Partial Extraction Therapy (PET) for preservation of the
buccal bone.
Learning Objectives
  • The Science of the Why!
  • From extraction to immediate placement
  • Can a 1-Stage approach lead to better outcomes and long-term success?
  • How to preplan an optimal surgical outcome guide
  • How to do a PTE partial tooth extraction with the All-In
Course Schedule and Details:

Friday, November 3
10 am — 2 pm (includes lunch)
4 CE Credits (AGD subject code 690)

Patterson Dental
12625 Wetmore Rd, Ste 103
San Antonio, TX 78247

About Your Instructor

Dr. McRae has a passion for incorporating  cosmetic dentistry along with dental implantology.  He began as an instructor and mentor for the Hornbrook group in 2005.  Dr. McRae has been a sought after instructor at numerous dental schools and teaching institutions across the  nation.  Through his clinical excellence and further education, Dr. McRae is the current president of the International Academy of Dental Implantology.   The strive for perfection has given Dr. McRae the  opportunity to practice his passion around the world.  Dr. McRae is a graduate of Oregon Health Science University School of Dentistry.  He has a  successful dental practice and dental implant center in Meridian, Idaho.