Today’s patients are looking for implant procedures that are not only faster, but offer the best option to improve their appearance and dental health. The Accelx Implant System gives you the ability to achieve both at a price that will improve your bottom line.

Accelx Implants are designed for immediate loading when good primary stability is achieved. With appropriate occlusal loading and the ranging aggressive threads, you can place implants in varying types of bone and all areas of the arch with greater primary stability. And the ELI Titanium alloy construction offers greater strength. There are 10 diameters available, and because there is only one prosthetic connection, you’ll reduce inventory costs and simplify product selection.

Accelx Implants provide accelerate healing for immediate and early loading. Immediate and early loading reduces the need for repeated surgical intervention and provides a safe and effective treatment that can be performed in the shortest time possible. Accelx Implants are offered in an array of diameters to suit all areas of the ridge.  

Accelx is FAST.

Consistent core with aggressive threads.
Accelx implants are offered in an array of diameters to suit all areas of the ridge. The consistent core diameter with graduating thread diameters provides primary stability in all types of bone for immediate loading.

Accelx is STRONG.

Grade 23 ELI Ti Alloy vs.  Grade 4 CP Ti
The Grade 23 ELI Titanium Alloy provides higher strength. The Extra Low Interstitial (ELI) Titanium Alloy contains less oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and iron, resulting in increased fracture toughness and improved resilience to shear and compressive forces.

Accelx is EASY.

The Accelx Implant System simplifies restorations by using the same prosthetic connection across all implants.  And a single size abutment fits all 10 diameters. All impression copings, analogs, stock, and digital prosthetic options are the same platform, regardless of implant size. This reduces inventory and adds confidence knowing the right size component is being utilized.


Accelx Implants offer the unique combination of high quality and affordability. We are able to provide this through strategic dealer partnerships and our ability to cost-effectively build upon proven implant technologies. As a result, more clinicians worldwide are able to achieve restorative procedures that ensure greater outcomes for a larger number of patients.

Accelx in Action - Simulated Case
Accelx Drilling Sequence
Accelx drilling sequences vary per bone density type.